Squirrel Removal

ground squirrelWe had flying squirrels and regular squirrels that are smarter than you think they are and it took longer for them to leave the house as they have to put cages on top of the house for the squirrels to go out of, and they couldn’t come back into the house. It took about 4 weeks for the squirrels to finally get completely out cause they wouldn’t go through the cages until they were absolutely starving!

After they get all the species out of the attic they will go up into the attic and clean out the insulation that is ruined, they will clean all the guano out. Once all is clean, they will spray some disinfectant through the whole attic then close the door to the attic, it is good to not open it for at least 3-5 days. On the outside of your house the extraction company will go around and patch up any or all holes in the walls, they will apply a metal screen, screw it to your house then add caulk to it, once that process is complete they will put screen over the gables of your home, ours has 3 gables and they put screen on all of them. They also fixed the front awning as well, they did a wonderful job on fixing that!

We have had re-entry to our attic, but we have since called our extraction company and they came back out and patched up where the bats were getting back in the attic. We did get a 5 year warranty on our work. If people wonder what company we used, it was called Mayday Wildlife Services.