Tips & Information For Bat Removal

batWe recently went through this actual experience, the experience was no joke! The Atlanta Bat Removal process is very crucial and intense. In our attic we had about 20 years worth of Bats in the attic and they were currently taking residence with squirrels as well 2 different types of squirrels. Flying Squirrels and regular tree squirrels. If you have bats in your attic you should definitely know as they are noisy, noisy creatures and sometimes if you have an attic fan, they can fall between the cracks of the attic fan. That is a horrendous thing to have to deal with!!

At first we didn’t know who to call or how to even start the process. So I got on and they were very helpful in what companies to pick that would give us the best rates and warranty. The warranty that will come in handy once you are able to get all the bats out of the attic, if the bats can find a way in they will!
Home Advisor helped tremendously in getting us the right companies to come out and look at the attic and give us quotes, there were some that were quite high and some that were low. The higher ones had the longer warranty and the cheaper ones had no warranty. Due to the changing of the season you will need a warranty as there may be a possible re-entry of bats into your attic.

Bats make a lot of noise, smell & have the potential to make people with upper respiratory problems more sicker, people with asthma should take the proper precautions with getting the bats out. Our children have asthma so it was very important that we remove the bats as soon as possible. Bats will roost under you insulation up in the attic, they will migrate in the winter away from your house and they will come back in the spring. August is the busiest month of the year for pest control companies as the bats are having babies. It is illegal to kill bats in Georgia they are protected by the Bat Conservation of Georgia.

If you only have bats in your attic with no other species habituating your attic then the removal process will take about 2 weeks , if you have other species habituating with the bats then the removal process will take longer. A good tip for ensuring the process is faster would be to find a company that will deal with more than one type of animal. This¬†squirrel removal Atlanta branch deals not only with squirrels but bats, rats, raccoons, opossums, armadillos and even snakes! So therefore by calling only one company they will be able to deal with both issues and you won’t have to deal with two companies being in each other’s way, slowing down the process.¬†